Launch of the Access Link Rider's Choice Pilot (ALRC)

973-491-4224, option 5

Access Link Riders’ Choice Pilot is the safe, easy, and flexible alternative to Access Link. The program offers Access Link customers the opportunity to allow Access Link to move some of their rides to transportation network companies. Access Link is starting with Lyft and Uber Spring of 2023.

When a customer’s ride is moved to one of the Access Link Riders’ Choice Pilot providers, the customer’s fare is the same as it was with Access Link. The customer may even get to enjoy a faster, more direct ride to their destination.

If you choose to join the Access Link Rider’s Choice Pilot program, you will continue to call Access Link to make ride reservations. Access Link will decide whether your ride will be moved to one of the Access Link Riders’ Choice Pilot providers or remain with Access Link. If the ride is moved, you will receive a text message and/or phone call from the Access Link Rider’s Choice Pilot provider. If the ride remains on Access Link, you will receive the normal Access Link reminder call.

Important Information to Know about the ALRC Pilot:

  1. You must be a certified Access Link customer. For information on applying for Access Link service click here.
  2. Your EZ-Wallet account cannot have a negative balance.
  3. Joining the pilot program does not guarantee that any of your Access Link reservations will be moved to an Access Link Riders’ Choice Pilot provider.
    1. When booking an Access Link ride, you should always be prepared to be serviced by Access Link and pay the Access Link fare.
  4. ALRC pilot providers offer origin-to-destination service like Access Link.
  5. Right now, there is no limit to how many rides you can take with the transportation network companies in this pilot.
  6. The ALRC pilot providers will only travel within the service area, which is still ¾ mile from a local fixed route bus.
  7. ALRC pilot operators are not required to carry customer bags or luggage. They will assist with securing items, boarding, and exiting the vehicle.
  8. ALRC pilot operators will wait the same 5 minutes as the Access Link operators for customers to board and are not required to wait with a customer for a “hand-off” at their destination.
  9. You are free to express your preferred Access Link Riders’ Choice Pilot provider, but there is no guarantee all your Access Link Riders’ Choice Pilot rides will be serviced by your preferred provider.

For more information about Access Link Riders’ Choice Pilot, contact Customer Service by emailing [email protected] or calling 973-491-4224, option 5.

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