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James Consulting Services, LLC

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Perth Amboy

James Consulting Services, LLC

James Consulting Services, LLC is dedicated to providing information and assisting individuals in both feeling and getting better. Overall, the goal for James Consulting Services, LLC is to promote the use of effective psychotherapeutic approaches in assisting individuals achieve their goals. 

In particular, we offer the following services:

Strength and Needs Assessments

Assisting the parent / child in developing accurate parent / family life goals

Exploring parenting goals for psychotherapy

Learning adaptive frustration tolerance

Learning stress reduction techniques

Learning problem solving skill development

Providing psycho-educational services

Developing an individualized crisis plan

Providing trauma informed counseling

Development and implementation of an individual service plan (ISP)

Individual , family and group counseling

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Intellectual and Developmental Needs
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Last Updated: 10/08/19